The Sixth Sense (Thai Lakorn)


The Sixth Sense.

I don’t know if this is a review or whatever but this is just my summary of the sixth sense so far. It haven’t been fully upload with English subs yet. However, I finished watching the parts that have been uploaded and tell you guys a little bit about it.

Okay let’s get started!  The story revolves around 5 girls. They all were born on the same day and they all  were given a gift. It was an extra sense. The have sixth sense. Of course the name of the lakorn.

Genre: Horror, Romantic Comedy, Drama




Ja Jittapa Jampatom as Yanin (Jie)

Yanin ( Jie) is the girl with the knowledge. She can read  magic cards and she also can talk to spirits. She can close her eyes and her soul would leave her body and communicate with other spirits in their world . Her style is Bohemian or Bohomein. You know what I mean. LOL. 


Eye Kamolned Ruengsri as Sukhontaros (Ros)

Sukhontaros (Ros) has the weirdest sense ever, in my opinion but whatever. Ros has the sense of smell. She can smell the type of spirits they are. For example she can tell if they are sad, angry or want revenge by just there smell. She also does white magic. And also have a minion called Kumarika (Golden Baby). Her style is more of casual. Just a pair of pants and a shirt will do. She is referred as the TOMBOY in the lakorn.


Krissie Kritsiri Suksawat as Netrsitangshu (Netr)

She is so cute like a little girl. Rasitang’s special sense is that she can see spirits. The fact that she can see spirits gets her scared very easily. She is the little barbie doll and she is treated like as baby to her brother and her friends. Even though, she is 25 in the lakorn. She loves cooking but cooks the weirdest food ever.  Like I said, since she is the barbie doll you guys can probably guess her style. She is always wearing a dress and she loves to wear pastel or light colors. She’s the girly-girl.


Wawaa Nichari Chokprajakchat as Karna (Karn)

I personally thinks she’s the prettiest one and the most funniest one. Kanna specialty is that she can hear the spirits talk. She can’t see them but she can hear them. That’s why she is always wearing earphones, so she can’t hear them. Her ear would start to hurt after a while or if the spirit is yelling. She as the funny lines and she is more of a casual girl.


Kat Nicharat Morson as Kornrumpa (Kaem)

She too is very funny. Kaem has the special sense of touch. If she touches something with her palm then she can tell what it’s been through like a person’s past or who’s the object belongs too. She is the fashionista of the group. She is also from a rich family and loves shopping. She love PARK JUN JI <—some Korean person. When she joins hand with the others they all will see and hear the same thing. She connects them.



Louis Scott as Tinh or Farang (meaning Foreigner)

He is an American boy having a dream of building a resort on his grandfather’s land. He also want to know the truth behind his grandfather’s death. He is not fluent in Thai likes to mix Thai words and English together. He also doesn’t know how to pronounce some words and those words make him sound like a fool. It ruins his seriousness and makes other laugh because he doesn’t know if he’s saying it right or not. 

images (1)

Grate Warintorn Panhakarn as Triranta (Tris) or TaiWai

He’s is a only son of a farmer’s market owner. He doesn’t believe in spirits. However his family has been facing trouble since his parents went to see a black magic sorcerer. He is his parents Little Boy. 


Phet Thakrit Hamannopjit as Doc Voravardh (Vardh)

This hunk with the punk style is actually a doctor. He hates meetings so he transfer to inspect dead people’s body. He’s very sweet and very cheesy at times.


Aon Sarawut Marttong as Nathadej (Nath)

This cutiebear is a detective. He is the over protective brother of Netr, our adorable barbie doll. He loves all the girls as his sister. Yes, he does believe in spirits. All the guys are his friends. Well, at least Tinh and Tris are. He has bad history with our Doc Voravardh and now they are now working together to solve a case.



Eye Kamolned is paired up with Grate Warinton
The Little Girl is Kumirika- She is Ros ‘s Minion. She’s their little helper.


Ja Jittapa Jampatom is paired with Louis Scott


Our handsome Doctor is paired up with Our Barbie Doll
Phet Thakrit Hamannopjit and Krissie Kritsiri Suksawat

If you want to watch this Lakorn : Click on this Link –>
I totally recommend this Lakorn. Even though it’s kind of a horror movie, it also has a lot of comedy and romance in it.


6 thoughts on “The Sixth Sense (Thai Lakorn)

  1. hi dear,
    thank you for providing some reviews for this lakorn. I have been craving to watch lakorn right now but alll lakorn that i watched almost having the same plot all over again… luckily i am stumbled upon your website. and thank you for providing the link with eng sub….
    currently watching the first episode…. not bad… and i agree with you about each characters and i agreed that Karn is most beautiful in this lakorn.. hehe…
    btw… thank you once again.. 😀

  2. Thankyou so much for providing us with your views.I always wanted to watch thai lakrons but don’t want to waste my time on searching and accidentally watching bad ones.Your blog is really helpful.Thanks once again

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